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Baptism for children and teens ages 7-18. » Baptism for children and teens ages 7-18.

Baptism for children and teens ages 7-18.


Kids 7-12 years old:

    • What's so special about being seven?

The Catholic Church recognizes seven as the age at which a child becomes morally responsible.  Once children reach the age of seven, they must give their consent to being baptized.  Children seven or older go through a preparation for baptism known as the Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC). 


    • What's the Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC)?
RCIC is a program that involves study, worship, and prayer and that prepares children to receive baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil (the Saturday night before Easter Sunday).
    • What's asked of me during RCIC?
      • Enroll in St. Francis Xavier’s faith formation program, which meets on Sunday morning from 9-10:20am.  
      • Attend the 10:30am Mass each week we have faith formation class and sit in the reserved seats for RCIC participants with your parent(s). On weeks we do not have faith formation class, attend a Sunday Mass of your choosing. 
      • Attend the special RCIC classes that meet throughout the year in addition to your weekly faith formation classes. 


    • How do I enroll in RCIC?

Please contact the parish office to enroll your child in our RCIC program- 608-798-0100.


Teens ages 13-18:


Unbaptized teenagers are invited to participate in our high school confirmation program, which meets from 9-11:30am, and includes class time and attendance at the 10:30am Mass.  In addition, unbaptized teenagers will meet on-one-on with a member of the faith formation staff for additional instruction and mentoring.


Who do I contact?

Teenagers, you or your parent can contact Jim Beall to join our high school confirmation program at or 608-798-2975.  Please make sure to tell Jim that you are not baptized.