St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

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Tuesday 5pm
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Saturday 5pm
Sunday 8:30am and 10:30am

Anointing of the Sick

On October 20th, at the 5:00 pm Mass, there will be the Anointing of the Sick. This Sacrament is for anyone facing severe or chronic illness who has not been anointed in the last six months, and anyone who is suffering from the effects of the aging process. It might be well to recall the benefits of this Sacrament.
If it is received with the right intentions, its effects are bountiful. With repentance for one’s sins, this sacrament cannot only deliver us from our sins, but also the temporal punishment due to sins. It is also a time tp pray for strength to bear one’s sufferings and if it be the will of God, that your suffering be lessened and you be healed, if not in body, at least in spirit.
Father uses the Holy Oils from the Chism Mass that are specifically blessed for the sick. First, Father extends his hands and prays for you and then anoints your forehead and palms of your hands. Please hold your hands upright in front of you so Father can reach them easily. With each anointing Father says a prayer to which you should respond: Amen.
Those who wish to be anointed, please use the very front benches (without kneelers) in front of the altar. If more room is needed, use the front benches on each side of the altar. The whole parish community joins in prayer with you.