With such a large gap between the Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation, middle school religious education can sometimes be overlooked by both parishes and parents. For that reason, due diligence must be had by both parishes and parents to guide our children through the often tumultuous and ever-changing middle school years.

Every idea, attitude, and event has a lasting impact on middle school students - positive or negative. Because of this fact, we desire all middle school students in our parish to benefit from systematic, relevant, and complete religious education and formation. The middle school program stands on 3 pillars, each of which students are expected to participate in for a complete formation. Those pillars are Catechesis, Prayer, and Service.

Catechesis is the organic, systematic passing on of the faith from one generation to the next. At St. Francis Xavier, this takes form in our 23-session program for Middle School. Classes are held from 7-8:30pm on Wednesday evenings (new for 2013!) in the school.

Prayer is the life-blood of the Christian life. Without regular prayer, our souls become starved for the presence of Christ. Like a body without food, our souls cannot function properly without the steady nourishment we receive in prayer and the Sacraments. To that end, the Middle School program encourages and forms our students' prayer lives by exposing them to different types of prayer, and by assisting students in the memorization of classic prayers, rich in the tradition of our Catholic faith.

Service - Throughout history, Catholics have consistently been champions of justice, service, and mercy. From St. Francis of Assisi to Dorothy Day to Blessed Mother Teresa, our faith has given us many great workers of mercy to model our lives after. In serving others, we serve our Lord Jesus himself. In providing for and serving the needs of our parish, we answer this call in a unique way. During the Religious Education year, each Middle School class will have the opportunity to participate in a service project to help internalize these concepts.


2013-2014 Class Dates