Although all the faithful are called to participate at every Mass, some are called to serve in a deeper way, through Liturgical Ministry. At St. Francis Xavier, many roles are available for parishioners to be involved in a different way during the liturgy. Training and schedules are provided for all roles, which are explained below. Please contact Josephine Cowen for more details or to be added to the schedule!

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion help the priest to distribute the Body of Christ to the assembly. Open to members 16 years and older who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Lectors proclaim the Word of God. Commentators read both the Introduction and the Prayers of the Faithful at the weekend and Holy Day liturgies. Open to persons 16 years and older who have a clear speaking voice.

Sacristans help set up and clean up the liturgical elements of the Mass: turning on lights, preparing Communion, and setting the altar are just a few the important responsibilities. Open to parishioners 16 years and older.

Servers assist the priest during Mass. Open to youth 6th grade and older.

Ushers assist with the weekend and Holy Day liturgies by taking up the Offertory collection, greeting parishioners and assisting them in finding a seat, if necessary, and handing out bulletins and straightening up the church after Mass. Open to both men and women in high school and older.

Gift Bearers carry up the Offertory and present them to the priest at the weekend Masses. Volunteers select the Mass time they prefer and receive a schedule indicating the dates they are to serve.