2017-18 Adult & High School Lecture Series

Sunday night sessions for adults and high school students

will begin with prayer and a lecture

by Natasha Virnig (see below for details).

Adults and students will then break-out into

separate small groups for discussion and faith sharing.






Class 1:

September 17

Humanity’s Universal Search for Meaning & Happiness:

·         What does it mean to be human?

·         Is there any meaning or purpose to my life?


Class 2:

September 24


·         Is there a God and can we know anything about God?


Class 3:

October 1

The Bible:

·         What is it?

·         How do I read it?

·         Is it true?


Class 4:

October 8

Intro to the Trinity

God the Father: Revealed through Covenants of Love

·         Why IS God love?

·         What is unique about the Christian understanding of God?


Class 5:

October 15

God the Father: Covenant w Israel & Ten Commandments

·         How did God relate to humanity before Jesus Christ?

·         Why were the Israelites God’s chosen people and what does that mean?


Class 6:

October 22

God the Father: Hebrew Prophets

·         Who is the Messiah?

·         What role did the Prophets play?

·         How does God’s relationship with Israel evolve?

·         How does Israel’s understanding of God evolve/deepen?


Class 7:

October 29

Jesus Christ: Messiah

·         Is this the Messiah?

·         How did Jesus fulfill the prophecies?

·         What did the Israelites expect from a Messiah and how was Jesus different?


Class 8:

November 5

Jesus Christ: Teaching & Miracles

·         What did Jesus teach?

·         What did Jesus do during his life?


Class 9:

November 12

Jesus Christ: Lamb of God & Atoning Sacrifice

·         What is the difference between Jesus’ death and the death of other great social reformers & teachers- like Socrates, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr.?

·         What did Jesus’ death accomplish for our salvation?


Class 10:

November 19

Holy Spirit: the Sanctifier, Animator, Sustainer, Advocate

·         What do Catholics believe about the Holy Spirit?

·         What role does the Holy Spirit play in my life and in the life of the Church?


Class 11:

November 26

Bringing it all together- The Trinity

·         What does it mean for God to be “three in one”?

·         What did the Ecumenical Councils define about the Trinity?


Class 12:

December 3

Problem of Evil:

·         Why do good things happen to bad people?

·         If God is all-powerful and all-loving, why does God allow the      innocent to suffer?

·         What about natural disasters and other examples of suffering in which free will and human choice are not involved?


Class 13:

December 10

The Church Part I

·         What is the Church?

·         How was the Church founded?

·         How did the Church grow and change?

·         What does it mean for the Church to be one, holy, catholic, and apostolic?


Class 14:

December 17

The Church Part II

·         What is the Magisterium and what is its role?

·         What is the Papacy and what is its role?

·         What is the relationship between the Bible and the Church?


Second Semester


Class 15:

January 7

Communion of Saints: Universal Call to Holiness

·         What is the communion of saints?

·         What is the difference between the church militant, suffering, and triumphant?

·         What does it mean to be holy?

·         What is God’s plan for my life?


Class 16:

January 14

Mary & the Saints

·         Who was Mary?

·         What are the Marian Dogmas?

·         What is Mary’s role in the story of salvation?

·         What does it mean to be a Saint?

·         What is our relationship to the Saints?


Class 17:

January 21

Intro to the Sacraments

·         What is a Sacrament?

·         What role do Sacraments play in the life of the Church?

·         What is the purpose of a Sacrament?

·         What is the relationship between liturgy and sacrament?


Class 18:

January 28


·         What does baptism do?

·         Why do we need it?

·         Why was Jesus baptized?


February 4 No Class


Class 19:

February 11


·         What does Confirmation do?

·         Why do we need it?

·         Is it in the Bible?

·         What is the relationship between confirmation and baptism?


Class 20:

February 18

Eucharist Part I: “Behold the Lamb of God”

·         What is the relationship between the Eucharist and Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross?

·         Is the Eucharist a sacrifice?

·         How does the Eucharist relate to sacrifices in the Hebrew Scriptures?

·         Why is the Eucharist celebrated within the context of the liturgy?


Class 21:

February 25

Eucharist Part II: “Do this in remembrance of me”

·         Why is the Eucharist the “source and summit” of our faith?

·         What role does the Eucharist play in my salvation and in the life of the Church?

·         Why is the Eucharist a foretaste of heaven or “pledge of the glory to come”?


Class 22:

March 4

Sacrament of Reconciliation

·         Why should I confess my sins to a priest?

·         What does it mean for God to forgive me?

·         Am I still punished for my sins after I die?

·         What does it mean to be reconciled to God and to the Church?


Class 23:

March 11


·         What is the purpose of marriage?

·         What does it mean for marriage to be a vocation?

·         What is the difference between a sacramental marriage and a civil marriage?

·         Why is it wrong to have sex outside of marriage?

·         Why is the Catholic Church against contraception?


Class 24:

March 18

Human Sexuality

·         What does the Catholic Church say about gender?  Can I change my gender?

·         What does the Catholic Church say about homosexuality?

·         How should I relate to my gay, lesbian, or transgender friends?


Class 25:

March 25

Holy Orders

·         What are the “three degrees of holy orders”?

·         Why is the priesthood male?

·         What effect does ordination have on a man?

·         What does it mean for the priest to act in the person of Christ?


April 1 No Class: Easter Sunday!  He Is Risen!


Class 26:

April 8

Sacrament of the Sick

·         Who should receive this sacrament?

·         What is the purpose of this sacrament?

·         How do we prepare for death?


Class 27:

April 22

Catholic Social Teaching Part 1

·         What is the source of morality?

·         What makes an act good?  What makes an act evil?

·         What is the difference between a mortal and venial sin?

·         What does it mean to be made for communion?

·         What obligations and responsibilities do I have as a member of the human family?


Class 28:

April 29

Catholic Social Teaching Part 2: The Dignity of Human Life

What does the Catholic Church teach about:

·         Abortion?

·         Poverty?

·         War?

·         Racism?

·         Incarceration?

·         Capital Punishment?

·         Euthanasia?


Class 29:

May 6

The Four Last Things Part 1: Death, Purgatory, Hell

·         What happens when I die?

·         What is the last judgment?

·         How will I be judged?

·         What is purgatory?

·         What does it mean to be damned?

·         Who goes to hell?


Class 30:

May 20

The Four Last Things Part 2: Heaven

·         What is heaven?

·         How do I get there?

·         What about people who don’t believe in Jesus?