The Creed of the National Catholic Cemetery Conference states

“The Catholic cemetery was established to carry out the sacred religious function of the burial and care of the resting place of the deceased who even in death remain a part of the whole Christian community.”



Both the old as well as the newly revised Code of Canon Law state that there are two sacred places: a church and a cemetery. This Code implies that a cemetery has a special
“status” as a holy place where religious ceremonies are held, where people pray in a special way for those buried there, and where the living can find consolation in our faith.

cem2For information about purchasing a right of burial in our parish cemetery or a niche in our Columbarium, please call the parish office at 798-0100.





Cemetery Schedule for Placing and Removing Decorations

  • March 1st – All Winter decorations are to be removed by this date.
  • May 1st – Spring and Summer decorations may be put out after this date.
  • October 15th – All decorations must be removed by this date including shepherd’s hooks.
  • November 15th – Winter decorations may be put out after this date.


General Information about Memorializing and Decorating