Adult Faith Formation

St. Paul teaches us in 2 Corinthians 12:27, "Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it."  As an important member of the one body- Christ's Church, the Church needs you to fulfill the role to which God has called you!


The goal of adult faith formation at St. Francis Xavier is life-long discipleship.
To be a disciple of Jesus Christ, we must know Jesus.
Like any relationship, this takes effort on our part; specifically, it takes a
constant commitment to prayer, service, and learning.
We also need community on this journey.
By growing in our faith together, we provide each other with
accountability, support, and prayer.


 For 2017-18, there are two unique opportunities

for adult faith formation:


Sunday Nights: 6:30-8pm

30 week lecture series providing an overview of Catholic Theology beginning on Sunday, September 17th.  We will engage with such fundamental questions as:

What is the difference between Jesus’ death and the death of other great social reformers & teachers- like Socrates, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr.?

What did Jesus’ death accomplish for our salvation?

Why does God allow the innocent to suffer?

The structure of the class is split between teaching time and then small group discussion.

You can choose to join a women's small group, a men's small group, or a mixed gender small group.

The class is for all adults and has no fee.

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Below are links to the dates and the topics covered each week.

Topical Outline for Sunday Nights

Calendar for Sunday Nights


Wednesday Nights: 6-7:15pm

During our PreK-4th grade religious education classes, parents are encouraged to stay and participate in Bishop Barron's Catholicism video series.  The class will begin with Bishop Barron's video and then adults will have time to discuss  and to ask questions.  We hope this class helps parents to grow in their own faith, so that they can better teach the faith to their children.  It also models for children the importance of a life-long commitment to faith formation. All adults (not just parents) are welcome! Please register below, which will require you to create or to log-in to your ParishSoft account.

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