Scrip Order Form

Scrip is a fundraising program in which you purchase gift cards at face value. Tons of popular retailers participate including Piggly Wiggly, Woodman’s, Kwik Trip, Culver’s, Copps, Starbucks, Target, Kohl’s and many more. You spend the full value of the gift card as you would spend cash.

Provide your Parish with an extra $20 each month without opening your wallet! Just purchase Scrip gift cards to pay for your monthly gas, grocery and dining out expenses!

If you purchase:                                            The Parish Earns:
$300 to Piggly Wiggly                                               $9
$200 to Kwik Trip                                                      $8
$50 to Culver's                                                            $5
= $22 earned by the Parish!

Over 30 retailers kept on hand—100s more available for order!

Orders can be sent to the Parish Office, School Office or placed in  the Collection Basket during Mass. Volunteers are also on hand before and after Mass to sell Scrip.

Scrip Order Form