Welcome and thank you for visiting St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. We are a growing parish of 900 families serving the Cross Plains, Wisconsin area for over 155 years. Our parish is committed to the mission of Jesus Christ to promote the gospel message. Please explore our programs and ministries and discover what our parish has to offer. If you are in the area visiting, join us for worship and experience our friendly community for yourself.

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Place a Yes on Our Hearts

The “Place a Yes on Our Hearts” campaign will create awareness, transparency of things that are going on at the St. Francis Xavier and help us take a moment to embrace all the wonderful blessings that God has bestowed upon us. I am confident that we as a parish community will embrace this campaign and

understand our journey that will take us to “Place a Yes on Our Hearts”. When we come together as one family we can assure that our Church will remain strong and vital for years to come. This cannot be done by only a few parishioners, but as an entire parish family. Remember there is no challenge or obstacle too great for us to conquer when we come together as ONE.

Message from Fr. Tom



Our School

St. Francis Xavier is home to one of the oldest Catholic Schools in our Diocese.  We take pride and great responsibility in our mission to educate children in the faith, both in our school and religious education programs.  View our school video below and learn more about what makes us exceptional.  Now enrolling for the 2016/2017 school year.

School Video